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  1. LinkedIn "View Profile" links on business card notes are broken. They bring me to a "this profile is not available" page (see attached image). I checked several business card notes and verified the issue is widespread.
  2. Please bring back the option to save the back of a business card. That's a feature I used frequently and it's annoying that it's gone.
  3. I noticed that with this release 6.10 (running on OS 10.11.6) that the LinkedIn "view profile" links in all my business card notes have been disabled. When I click on the link, it goes into edit mode. See attached image.
  4. I would like three features added to the Business Card Notes. 1) The ability to create note links in the note field. At present time, when I try to copy a note link and paste it, only the text is pasted and there is no link. This would be useful to attaching notes, such as interviews and related subjects to a business card. 2) The ability to add new fields from the desktop application. This functionality is only available from the IOS app and not the desktop app. 3) The ability to create a new Business Card note if I don't have the physical business card to scan. Sometimes all I have on a person is an email signature to create a business card entry, but the program won't allow this without a physical card to photograph and import.
  5. I noticed a bug when it comes to exporting Evernote business card contacts to Apple Contacts. When exported from the iOS Evernote app, the contacts will show up in the Apple Contacts app, however they will NOT sync to iCloud if the contact contains a photo. I was able to troubleshoot this problem on my own and discovered that the photo was causing the syncing error. When the photo is deleted from the iOS contact card, the sync resumes to iCloud.
  6. "Save to Contacts" feature in business card notes does not work for me on the Mac desktop version of Evernote (6.8), running OS 10.11.6. The contacts will not appear in my Contacts Address Book after repeated attempts with multiple cards. However, this feature works properly in iOS.
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