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  1. That’s the dream. I’ve cleared my cache and taken all those steps and still nothing.
  2. Yeah thanks, that’s what I discovered too and is a decent work around. My issue is that I use Slack to collaborate both internally (with users that use the native app) and external users (which use the online version of EN. So ideally we’re all just sharing the private link starting with http: and when clicked on it takes the user to whichever environment they use. i just don’t understand why an http link created in the Evernote Web Clicker is able to open the native app and why one created in the native app doesn’t trigger the same redirect on Chrome. Any thoughts?
  3. It’s odd. So, when I use the EN web clippper IN Chrome to clip a website page into an EN note and then click on that link it creates, it immediately opens up the note in my EN native app. However, when I create a private link by right clicking on the note preview of the desktop app, selecting “copy internal link” and then copy it in word doc for example, if I click that link it just opens the note up in Chrome and doesn’t redirect back to the native app. We do everything in my office from the native app and when an guest user sends us these http private links I would love for chrome to redire
  4. this option doesn't seem to work anymore. anybody found another workaround for this?
  5. This no longer seems to be working even if I delete the cookies from my browser, I get no option to redirect an HTTP: evernote link back to my desktop client. Anybody else experiencing this? is there a work around anyone has found?
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