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  1. You know, the icon of the webpage. It looks like it's from 2013. Other icons such as that of the iOS and Android app are much nicer... and more modern. Here is the Android icon, by the way. My question is, why don't we use that for the current web favicon as well? I feel like it would look much more modern and fit in with the current UI. Hopefully it shouldn't be something that's too hard to change, either (it's just changing a bit of the site's code, right?). Thanks for reading!
  2. Hello @scruggles, Looks like the problem is with Safari! Take a look at the attached images to see a comparison between browsers. I first pasted just the formula, and then both the first paragraph and the formula. All of them were done on the respective browsers on the 2016 Evernote Beta. The strange thing that you see in the "simplify formatting" view actually looks like what happens when you paste the formula using Google Crome using the non-beta version, or something like that.
  3. Hi @scruggles! Sorry about that, I didn't even link the article! Here is a better example: look at this article. Now, in a new note if you try to paste in the first formula in the current Evernote Web, this is what you get: So it looks absolutely fine. However, if you paste it in the new beta Evernote Web (2016), this is what you get: \int _{a}^{b}\!f(x)\,dx So it looks way different... not as useful this time! I have a bit more information about this as well, in case you need it. The second "form" of the equation, I'll call it, is actually the form that you
  4. @scruggles I found a bit of a bug. In the current web version of Evernote, you are able to copy and paste formulas from Wikipedia into a note and retain that formula (or formatting, if you will). For example, this is how the first formula from this article would look: V = 4/3 π r3 (I just realized the fraction messed up over here; however, in the web notes it displays perfectly fine). However, with the new (2016) beta, this is what is pasted: V = 4 / 3 π r3 Essentially, formatting is removed. For complicated formulas, the LaTeX version of the formula see
  5. On the Alternote website, it says that it is "Backed by Evernote." Does this mean that Evernote officially supports it, or are they merely playing with words and saying that Evernote has the necessary infrastructure which allows them to connect to Evernote through their own app, hence the "backed" by Evernote? I'm also as curious about this app as @AlmostThere is.
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