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  1. If this does not work for you, I'd suggest the following work around: Move the "Upgrade" button somewhere less obtrusive (use Tools > Customize Toolbar). For me, this involved moving it to the far left and adding a bunch of Separator icons so it does not get in the way of "File" (which I commonly use for Exit because clicking the red X gives unexpected behavior). In my case, this customization also had the added benefit of aligning the useful Toolbar icons with the Notes List panel rather than the Left Panel (are there even any Toolbar icons that apply to Notebooks?). See attached
  2. Yes, thank you Dave007! Using File > Exit instead of the red X indeed solves the problem. Here it is 4 years later and it's still causing trouble (been bugging me for months). Why can't we click the red X to close Evernote to get the same effect? Has anyone put in a bug fix request for this? -Ryan
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