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  1. I meant the Evernote app appear in the dock has some problem. The problem is: it does not retains login info, when I quit, it do need to re-login. The helper works perfectly fine. Thank you !!
  2. I mean I can have the "Evernote helper" running when ⌘Q from evernote, and staying on the menu bar (on the top right). But the thing is when I try to open evernote app, every time it asks me to log in. But it used to be stayed log-in when I ⌘Q from evernote app. Simply saying is, it DOES ask me sing in everytime when I lunch it.
  3. I used to have a evernote icon on top right corner to make note easily, and through which there is an "Find in Evernote" option to open evernote. It was kept signed in always. But now somehow everytime it needs me to resign in? I have to say that I usually closed evernote from the dock icon (the bottom on mac). But it was not a issue. Thank you!!
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