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  1. Right before I updated my iOS (I'm running Mojave), Evernote was running at such a high CPU that it shut the rest of my applications down (it was at a high of 390+). After the software update, it seems to have calmed down, but does anyone know what was causing this? Is it a recurring problem I should take steps to address?
  2. When I try to clip something from the web, the clipper doesn't work and crashes. I can copy/paste from the web into a new note, but the clipper seems to have stopped working and is crashing. On Google, multiple users have been complaining over the past few days that the clipper is crashing when one tries to clip. You can't get a drop down for a notebook either. Is this a problem with others? I have not tried uninstalling and reinstalling yet, but others who posted in Google did and it did not work.
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