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  1. Thanks for your suggestions, guys - I can see you're all putting a lot of effort into your responses. Thanks for helping me find the view-sort-options in the web view. This is a great workaround, and I can tell people I send the link to how to change their sort. Personally, I can't see how surprise-sort-order is ever appropriate, even for a notebook with 10 notes. This was already recognised a lot by the community, and semi-solved by the recent feature to "save" a default sort-order for different notebooks in desktop clients. Someone suggested evernote is a hammer and can't paint a wall. Should I switch to a different tool for recording and referencing/sharing meeting notes?
  2. Are you freaking kidding? That sounds like a nightmare! Who's going to generate the 3000 public-share links for the existing notes? Or for the 10 new notes added each day? Maybe I'm trying to get shared notebooks to do something it's not designed for. What IS it designed for? What's the use case?
  3. How can I set/ensure the order notes will display in my shared notebook (shared as a url)? In my windows client, I used sort-by Title, Reverse order. Created and Updated dates are unimportant in my ordering (happy to explain why, separately). Example Notebook name: Meetings Note titles: 2016-10-28 Meeting minutes 2016-10-21 Meeting minutes (with actions/status) 2016-10-14 Meeting minutes 2016-10-13 meeting discussion points When visiting a Notebook-Share url, they're actually displayed as follows: (maybe by updated-date?) 2016-10-13 meeting discussion points 2016-10-21 Meeting minutes (with actions/status) 2016-10-28 Meeting minutes 2016-10-14 Meeting minutes
  4. +1 for fixing in Windows too Thanks for listening, guys!
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