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  1. Thanks - this looks fantastically useful. One question you might know the answer to: My default view for internal links has always been 'text'. Looking at the ENEX file in a text editor, the title of the note does not appear to come across. But if I go back into Evernote, change the view to 'title' and re-export, then the title is included. As part of the initial tidy up process, is there any way of doing a global change from 'text' to 'title' or do I have to edit each link individually?
  2. So am I right that you think that it is doable, but are not aware of anyone having done it?
  3. If I had infinite patience, I could go through the manual process outlined below. The key is to create a table which has one an entry for each note, containing the UUID in one column and the note's title in another. So: Within the Evernote application, open a note and copy the internal app link. Paste this into a table (in some text file). Then copy the title of the note and paste this into the table. Repeat for all notes. Now you have a text file which has a table showing the UUID and title for all notes. Export the notes Open each exported note and search for links. For each link you find, the UUID contained in the link, together with the table you have created, will enable you to look up the title of the note that is linked to. Search for the exported note with this title. Change the link to point to this note. It relies on each note having a unique title. But if this is not the case, the process could be tweaked by creating an additional column in the table containing date created. My coding abilities are pretty much zero, but I would have thought that it should be possible to write a script to automate this.
  4. Hello all. A long-time (paying) user, I also want to move from Evernote. For me, it is not the charges that are the issue. But there are other things that have made me lose confidence in the organisation. Over the years I have built up quite a large collection of notes, many of which link to each other (the links are of this form: evernote:///view/19258324/s133/ba6400e8-0c21-4294-b109-c4cd36f2fd7e/62cb6c82-bdbf-416f-b2cb-d202376b475a/) Is there a way of preserving the functionality of these links so that notes that were linked in Evernote are still linked in the new application? From reading of this forum, my understanding is that the answer is 'no', but I might have missed something (I got a bit lost at the github stage). In this case, how do people deal with this problem? Keeping my existing notes in Evernotes and starting afresh somewhere else will not really work for me, since the notes I create in the future will often need to be linked to historic notes.
  5. Using the desktop version, when I open a Note (or create a new one), the Note no longer fills the whole screen. It is reduced in size and squashed up against the top right corner of the screen. underneath the Note there is black boarder with a thickness of about a third of the height of the screen and on the right of the Note, there is another black border, with a thickness of about a third of the screen width. Screenshot attached If I have the left hand sidebar showing, same thing: the Note is compressed and sqashed up ataings the top right corner of the frame, with black borders at the bottom and rigfht. Zooming in / doing Ctrl + , increases the font size but does not affect the size of the Note (so you just get less text showing). Closing and re-opening Evernote does not help. Nor does restarting the PC. Web version is fine. Any ideas?
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