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  1. Thank you @kvitekp ! It works For the record, Evernote must be turned off before making the modification in the registry. If you modify it while Evernote is running, it will reset it to 0 automatically. This solution is perfect for me, but would you consider to make it a visible option for a standard user? Best,
  2. Hello, I like the new version of Evernote for Windows desktop, much faster and responsive. I also love the new way of presenting the list of notes ("liste latérale" in french) I just regret one feature, concerning search. I use the keyboard shortcut a lot to search for a note (in my case: Win+W). It allows me to find a note very fast. With the former version, when I used this keyboard shortcut, Evernote searched in ALL my notes. Today, if I search for something, Evernote searches in the last active Notebook, not in ALL NOTES. I have to select "All Notebooks" if I want to search in all notes. In order to be clear, here are the steps: Open a Notebook, for example "Cook" Close the Evernote Window Open Evernote Search with the configured keyboard shortcut (in my case Win+W) Search for something Evernotes searches in "Cook", and not in all notes Is there a way to make the "Search in all notes" the search by default? Thank you!
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