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  1. In the Android App when you click on any image inside a note, the image shows up in fullscreen options. This is whats not desirable and actually annoying. What would be useful if it just moves to the hyperlink. There should be an option for images to not go fullscreen when they are touched. This is utter ugly and nuisance to big variety of my notes and make using Evernote everyday a pain. I would appreciate some correction...
  2. I have a lot of images inside notes that already have hyperlink or i have put a hyperlink through Evernote on Windows. On Android i like clicking on the image hyperlink, which does open the link but also annoys by opening the image in Evernote. By default i dont think Evernote should open the image, which can always be done by holding on the image and clicking edit. This would make a very smooth transition, and quite useful. I would appreciate if we can implement this: click on image: link opens, not image :AG
  3. A Big Thank You to the Evernote Team for Fixing this in the 6.2. Appreciated
  4. This would be wonderful. Evernote should concentrate its efforts on making it more useful.These little things pave road for huge productivity.
  5. They did this again in 6.0 now the Shortcut Toolbar is merged with the Evernote Toolbar. why can they just let this feature live if not enhance it I was wishing for a customizable multiline Shortcuts Toolbar at the top, but NO, now its a bigger mess Sheeesh!! Dissapointed big time. Please give options so the user can customize, and actually make it useful and usable
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