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  1. This is exactly what I'm thinking - I was starting to think I was the only one. In EN5 the search bar was to me a central hub to access everything I needed. Saved searches, recent searches & search suggestions, and the ability to jump straight to notebooks and tags as you type, were all available in a dropdown from the one single search bar. Now its gone. Okay, so saved searches are back, but they are now at the bottom of my list of notebooks and tags - only the trash is harder to reach - and yes I can still search for notebooks and tags, but not directly from the search bar without typing out notebook: or tag:. Nothing is to logically to hand any more. A classic case of style over substance in my view. All white looks pretty, but I need visual references to get my bearings and find things. Without contrast this interface is an absolute nightmare to use: the search bar blends into the reminders list which blends into the note list and the note title is lost in the toolbar (and doesn't show the whole title on a small screen device unless you don't have any tools in the toolbar). I used to enjoy using Evernote but now it's now a constant source of frustration as common tasks are more fiddly and time consuming. I've lived with a couple of major issues since December (syncing errors on my windows desktop which I was told should be fixed in the next major release (it wasn't) and cannot use the camera of my Lumia 950 phone to scan in documents - still no ETA for a fix), not to mention the issue where the windows store touch client wrecks all formatting of notes. This might well be the final straw for me and I'm currently watching Onenote tutorials.
  2. For us non Mac users, how can we see that new feature? I am really missing ALL of the dropdown options that used to appear in the search bar. The new options are nowhere near as useful to me so I'm really hoping that what we get is least as good and as easy to use as what we've lost.
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