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  1. Okay, that appears to have worked somewhat. Slight change to your instructions for Win10; I unticked 'Save data at logout' on Tools | Preferences and then using File | Sign out, I also unticked 'Remove my Evernote data from this device' then 'Sign out' and File | Quit Evernote from the final screen. When I restarted V10 the note count is fine between v10 and web, but I've still got about 60 extra notes in Legacy. I'll keep an eye on the sync oer the next couple of weeks and see how it performs going forward. Thanks for the help.
  2. It says 'All changes saved'. I'll give the re-install a go and see if that has any effect. Thanks for the help.
  3. I fail to see how Legacy can be the culprit when it's V10 that's missing all the notes. I have the emails from this forum automatically forwarded to Evernote, they're all showing in Legacy and web versions, none of them have appeared in V10. I've tried the fix of logging out and quitting (twice), I've even done it a thrid time and rebooted the computer between re-starting, v10 is not syncing locally. The only note, since August 13th to sync between all versions is the new Things to do note that v10 creates when you activate Tasks. This was created an hour ago and is showing in all three versions. I'm going to try uninstalling v10 and doing a fresh install. If that doesn't work I might need the extended procedure.... The ctrl/strg, by the way, appears to do a full refresh of the app, but it doesn't reveal the missing notes.
  4. V10 doesn't have a sync icon, the only way I know it's having sync issues is because I'm missing lots of notes.
  5. Thanks for the help with this guys. I was looking further at the upgrade but I have reservations ovber the syncing of V10. I'm currently missing nearly 1000 notes that are showing in Legacy, and nothing new has been added to V10 in nearly a week (over 150 new notes in Legacy).
  6. tjsuominen, Forgive me, but I'm going to tag onto the end of this. If V10, Legacy and web are all working from the EN server, albeit with different levels of local storage. Why do the different versions show different note totals? I work mainly in Legacy, this has 42,627 notes currently, V10, on the same computer (Win10) has 41,679 notes, web is showing 42,567! Why the big discrepancy? I'm also finding that V10 is not syncing, I have had the app open on my computer for over 24 hours, it does not have any notes showing from before Aug 13. I have an additional 151 notes in Legacy since the last one showing in V10. What's happening to the 'automatic' sync? I managed to catch up with the recent Harmon Enterprises webinar last night and I was impressed with the new Tasks functionality. It looks similar to something I've been searching for years, and I was thinking of upgrading frm my legacy Evernote Premium to Professional. It's not a possibility until I can ensure that all my notes are available in V10. I look forward to the answers. Many thanks for any assistance provide.
  7. Hi, My Premium subscription still has eight months until renewal. What's the position with regard to upgraded subscriptions? Does the upgraded subscription start straight away or will the new subscription be taken on the anniversary of my existing subscription in eight months time? If the new subscription is taken immediately, do I lose the 8 months I've already paid for? Thanks for your assistance. Kind regards
  8. Hi Shane, Thanks for the update. I'm getting new emails into my account, but I was just checking about the backlog. I was a little concerned about some conversations where I was seeing the later messages, but an earlier one was missing. I've had a few turn up from 12 hours ago since you posted this one Looks like I need to be a little more patient. Once again, thanks for the update. Take care.
  9. I'm still missing a number of emails that should have been recieved. I have received emails sent after these, but before we were informed that a fix had been carried out. Have we lost these earlier notes, if not, how long before you expect the backlog to have cleared? Thanks for the assistance.
  10. I've got the same issue, how do we view the support tickets?
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