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  1. I attempted this upgrade today and it’s jot going well. When I got through the setup all works fine until I get to the try it out step. The scanner cannot wrote to the database, sends an error message, but most important the ScanSnap home application never fully loads. It acts like it is open, but no window. Even the menu bar icon has no options available. When I force quit and restart, it begins all the way back at the first installation step of picking the scanner. Frustrating bad now I am kinda stuck. Any ideas?
  2. I agree -- this could be paralyzing to my business work . . . any update on an ETA?
  3. Hi everyone. HELP>! Need some advice and input from others here . . . looking for a portable scanner (like a Doxie, but not a Doxie) that works well with Evernote. I REALLY want it to be able to scan directly to Evernote . . . meaning push one button and it is in the EN cloud. I don't want to have the go between steps of using a company's own software or even setting up some complex automated system to make it one step to EN cloud. Is there a product out there now that is a portable scanner and essentially works like the Evernote Edition of the scansnap? If so, I can't seem to find it. Argh. Any ideas or recommendations? Thanks all!
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