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  1. I remain dumbfounded as to why these valuable features were removed. If Evernote staff decide to water down what's being offered and take a step backwards, they would at least have the decency to respond and argue their case to justify why...
  2. I see yesterday a feature was added where if upload a picture taken of text the picture will automatically crop the picture to only include a certain portion of the original picture. Unfortunately, it also cuts off part of the page that includes other information (e.g., pictures on the side, page numbers). How can this feature be turned off/made optional?
  3. I see that the web clipper (at least for Chrome) was updated yesterday; however, I can no longer type search for what notebook to place the clipped material in. Clipping a highlighted "selection" option has also been removed. Is there a way to get these back? They were extremely helpful and I don't understand why in the world they would be removed.
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