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  1. Hi DTLow, I think you misunderstood. I did this: That creates a URL. Use that in a browser and anybody with that URL can view the Notebook in a browser. QUESTION: What I asked is whether another EverNote user, using the EverNote App on any platform, can view the shared Notebook in the App (NOT in the BROWSER). Reason is that it is easy to create 1 shared link for all. If this is not possible, I have to share separately with every individual, which is a pain in the *ss. Thx!
  2. Hi, as a premium user I have a Notebook in which I have a collection of useful tips concerning my expertise. Since I'd like this to be shared by anyone else, I created a public link to my notebook - something like: https://www.evernote.com/pub/username/notebookname Now anyone with such a link can access the Notebook read-only via the web. QUESTION: Is it possible for users already using the Evernote app on some platform, to kind of import this share and make my Notebook visible in their EverNote App? TIA!
  3. This is related to issue below. First do the steps in there and then remove / simplify formatting to solve it.
  4. It is all related to the format used by OneNote. To solve: 1. select and copy the title 2. remove the duplicated title in the text completely 3. past the title again
  5. Just found out that the function Remove Formatting, which seems not to work on Windows *does* work on Android!
  6. When I import a note from OneNote, the title is duplicated at the top of the note. When I remove that duplicate (or change it) it will alter the real title in the same way. Can this be cured?? I set the option to "set title from highlighted text" to OFF.
  7. Hi, I imported a lot of notes from OneNote. Now all text lines in these notes have a kind of restricted length. When I create a new note in EverNote, the text of a long line extends to (and/or beyond) the right side of the window. I tried to change the text to unformatted, but to no avail.
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