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  1. Thank you both for your responses. The invisible sync is proving maddening - I live for a manual save option that I can rely on to have caused work to be saved. I saw in the note history that it was anything up to 12 hours after some changes were made that another "restore" was possible, worrying indeed. I see that if I type any new text, the "saving" function kicks in at bottom right of the screen, however it was doing that yesterday and work wasn't saved. I would like to use Evernote for writing, I've been a fan/user for a long time, but agree that a WP on autosave might be the way to go.
  2. I started with the new 10.20 Evernote today, and did not realise that my changes to a note I was working on weren't being saved as they were with the legacy version. My Mac crashed (I had no chance to save the work prior to this) but I wasn't worried until I came back that is. I discovered that I the user can't initiate a save or sync, and that the system only saves "several times a day" whatever that might mean, and over which I have no control. Note history could only restore two hours before. Who on earth at Evernote thought this was a step forward!! Really frustrating. Please Evernote gives us some control over savbing back. I was planning to write longer form pieces through Evernote but now I'm deeply hesitant.
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