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  1. I meant after removing Evernote on the Mac and installing it fresh again on the Mac ?
  2. This occured to me on Evernote for Mac: In 'All Notes' I only saw the notes from today and yesterday. The count shows over 4k notes but in the display there was only 6 notes. The notes were not gone because I could see them in the notebooks. I prefer to work with 'All Notes' and make my search in 'All Notes' so it was first a schock to see only 6 from 4k notes. Checking the web app and Evernote for iOS I saw the notes in 'All Notes' are all there. So it can only be the App for Mac which has a faillure. After removing Evernote from my Mac the first time the error is still there. But after removing Evernote with all its related files form the Mac the programm works again and I can see all notes in 'All Notes' again. I Hope this will help. Edwin
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