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  1. I used to take a lot of document photos in high quality with the baked in OCR in Evernote which worked perfect for my receipts. This was all on my Samsung S10e. I have now upgraded to an Xperia 5ii which is supposed to take the best pictures out there. However, the close up/macro pictures taken within the Evernote app all look awful and are unusable. They are not sharp and of course OCR will not be usable. How can I fix this?
  2. I have this problem happening persistently as well. Hope Evernote fixes this soon
  3. On my MacBook this works fine, but on my iMac at the office I can't share Pdf's directly into Evernote. The option is not available in the topleft corner of a Pdf, nor is the Evernote Extension available in System Settings/Extensions. Not present so can't be selected. The only way to share a doc now is by emailing to my Evernote email address.
  4. I have a ScanSnap S1100 and used to scan multipage searchable Pdf documents. The scanner perfectly works but the scans appear as just the first page in Evernote since the last day. The original scans are perfectly fine and the only option now is to open the Pdf's manually from Evernote but this is very annoying. What could be causing this? I haven't changed any settings in the ScanSnap app and it all looks to be exactly as it was.
  5. Is there a way to automatically forward scanned emails to a certain email address from within Evernote? I have looked at IFTT but that let's me send an HTML version of the note to my own address. What I want is to be able to scan to Evernote from my scanner and automatically forward the scanned document to an email address. I guess I will have to Macro something on my mac with Automater but I was wondering if there would be a solution from within Evernote. Thanks
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