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  1. So, after messing around with alternatives for a long period of time caused by the fact that the price of the subscription went up and Evernote wasn’t planing to develop the features that I would like to see, I payed for the subsciption at a reduced price and here I am again. Not surprisingly the things that I find incredibly annoying with Evernote are still there and they always make me want to consider other options (obviously, I find some things preferable to alternatives). Anyway I wanted to create a thread in which people can express their issues with the Evernote apps on apple products,
  2. Returning to Evernote as my primary note taking app. Please eliminate the delay between taping trash and the note disappearing from the list; it is rather irritating. Would like if the mac app also took cues from the web version; also, going all in with AI is the future - if DevonThink can do it you can do it also. The iPhone app begs for more 3d touch actions, on notes for example. Nice work. Hopefully you'll keep up with this general direction.
  3. Thank you for the reply. I'll try to be really precise: The built in PDF viewer can in fact (at least in the last AppStore version select text really restrictively. If you double click on a line of text in the built in pdf viewer it will select that line of text. Since installing the Sierra Public beta I'm not able to drag and select text from PDFs with the built in viewer, and I contacted support to double check if this is the normal behaviour (I wasn't sure, although I was inclined to believe that previously I was able to copy the text from the built in PDF viewer and paste it into another a
  4. Does the beta address any of the issues in Evernote running on macOS Sierra. Mostly I'm interested in the way it handles PDFs, i.e. can I select text from PDFs right from Evernote?
  5. Issues with selecting text in inline attachments persists in 6.9, and the Sierra GM is out. A beta that would tackle this issue would be most welcome. Sidenote: I still can't remove "Upgrade your team" from the sidebar in the version of the app downloaded from the web.
  6. Searching for something in Evernote shows a permanent "searching in PDF" overlay like the one on the screenshot. Makes sense since I can't select text in attached documents in Sierra PB.
  7. Here it goes: I'm not able to select and copy text in attachments ever since I installed macOS Sierra PB. Here's a short screencast I made for a member of the Evernote support team who directed me to the forums: http://jmp.sh/v9Vx4u4. Hopefully, a beta will fix this soon, it is pretty frustrating (I know, no one supports public betas, and it is all my fault, but still hoping for a fix). Best
  8. If I want to make the team aware of certain bugs with Evernote on macOS Sierra Public Beta, how do I do that? Precisely, I'm not able to select and copy text from attached text files in notes (pdf, doc). Support gave me this response:
  9. Writing it up to see if anyone ou there thinks the same: I see of no reason for the navigation panel on the iPad to slide in and disappear after selection in landscape. It would be great if it could always be visible, especially since the notes list view shows so much empty space. Switching between notes and notebooks would definitely be easier and don't see how anything would suffer from this change in layout.
  10. Signed into the forums just to chip into this discussion. It is a serious omission not being able to sort notes manually. Most of the time when I plan something (an application for a fellowship, a presentation etc.) this is the only way of sorting that makes sense. It doesn't seem difficult to implement and I can't see of no reason for being reluctant to enable us to do so. Any way to vote for this "feature"?
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