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  1. Dear Evernote Team I noticed a sharp performance drop when writing with the apple pen or scrolling up and down -- on the iPad Pro. Is there any way you can bring the app to the performance levels of version 7 again? In the past, it "felt" like using a paper and pen; this feeling is lost now with the performance drop. Please help! Kind regards, Martin
  2. please add the feature again. if the intention is to give the user more control, then it needs to be a switch that you can turn on or off -- for me, control means in particular that if the meetings in my calendar have already reasonable names, that I don't have to re-type these names again. this is the biggest annoyance for me with this move to v8 and the only thing I've really noticed. it upsets me every time I create a new note.
  3. Fully support this -- please "properly" support the Apple Pencil in the sense that you distinguish between fingers and pencil.
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