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  1. In MacOS Evernote, the button on the top (+ New Note in XXXXX) has a drop down list that shows a changing list of notebooks. this is to make it easy to add a new note to a specific notebook. I'm guessing it's supposed to show the most recently used notebooks? Anyway...I only have a few notebooks and the options list often only shows 1 or 2 of my notebooks and often doesn't include the one I want. I was hoping if the user has <4 notebooks...it would be nice to include them all in the dropdown list. I always have to correct the notebook on my notes because the notebook I wanted wasn't in the dropdown list. Thank you, jason
  2. I wish Evernote would consider this option (Display reminders at top of list view too). People like me are looking for a consolidated place (like Evernote) to track notes AND organize ToDo and Tasks. This feature would go part of the way towards making Evernote a viable option for a Task Management System. That and recurring reminders and allowing separate Due and Reminder dates on tasks! It would allow 2 major functions (notes/docs & Tasks), currently requiring 2 separate apps, to be done in one centralized location. I wish Evernote would add the few features that could make this a killer task management app too. I'd love to know how many Evernote users would like this ability integrated into Evernote...could it sell more premium memberships?? :-)
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