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  1. Ooh pen input. Yes please, especially with Force Touch integration...
  2. Whenever I present using a traditional Powerpoint, I find it handy to be able to scribble on my slides in front of everyone to help explain something or answer a question from the audience. I feel this is more effective than just displaying pre-made annotations. So my request is: could the cool annotation tool be implemented into the presentation mode? Even if it were as simple as having the mouse act as a pen, rather than pointer, and being able to add stamps, this would be a huge improvement.
  3. Hmm, looks a bit inconvenient to have to carry a USB stick around, especially considering many Android phones come with a MicroSD slot. It'd also require some more dev work on iOS, since it doesn't support OTG without a specific app. Even then Apple has to accept it.
  4. Sounds hopeful, but not much use for those of us still on KitKat
  5. It's not currently possible, to the best of my knowledge.
  6. I'd like to second this. Just went from a 1,500dpi JPEG of a diagram (crystal clear), to one which is completely pixelated. Also haven't tried Skitch - I don't see the need of having 2 apps which (should) do the same thing. Editing PDFs does not have the same effect.
  7. I would like to add my voice - my cheap phone's cosy 2GB internal memory (well, 4GB, but Android takes 2GB) is not enough for my frequent usage of Evernote, especially when attaching PDFs and high-res images. Equally, my cheap contract of 500mb/month is not enough to download my notes on the fly. Considering Evernote premium allows 10GB of notes/month, it's easy to see why this is an issue. As for security concerns, I don't see why the notes couldn't be stored in an encrypted file on the SD card. Surely this is just as safe as on the internal memory? Even if this isn't possible, it would be nice to have the choice - personally, I do not worry over the security of my German notes, provided they are always there.
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