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  1. I like the google drive integration, and can see that it is very useful when one wants to link to files, pictures etc stored in google drive. Sometimes, though, this is not what I want. Sometimes, I just want to insert a copy of a picture etc that I have in google drive, straight into the evernote note. I don't want a link, as I want to really see the image. And I want it to still be there even if I delete the copy from google drive. This is especially true for .png files, which are small anyway, so I don't really mind that this will add to my evernote used space. I have tried dragging the file from drive into the document, but this did not work for me. I would like it as an extra option when I've picked the "drive" icon, to be able to insert a copy of the image into the evernote note. Thank you.
  2. I would also like to be able to sort / switch between sorts more easily, and I've upvoted your thread. The following would be handy: Keyboard shortcuts assigned to particular commonly used sorts - e.g. to "Title, forward" and to "Updated, reverse", so that it is just a quick keystroke combination to toggle between, instead of 6 or 7 clicks Ability to assign user's own keyboard shortcuts to sorts On opening evernote, it would remember and use the last sort from the previous session. Sort being on a "by folder" basis, so that two folders can be sorted on in different ways at the same time The above point, but at the same time, having the option to sort "all folders" with the same sort - i.e. this would be an option, not the default. OK, that would be my wishlist! best helenzie
  3. This is a feature I would like too. I will use the individual windows in the meantime, but it would be nice to have this.
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