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  1. I guess app designing courses don't teach humility or tolerance
  2. some very good comments perfectly dismantle your criticism against our request. go read them all and you'll maybe learn something, for example: - why bright white is not the same as white brightless paper - taking a picture of a piece of paper maybe is not the primary use a lot of people give to evernote (yes, we write and/or copy/paste plain text, sorry for being classic) you should let (a lot of) people request something regardless you cannot understand or share the experience. your opinion is calling us silly. your opinion is trying to silence and discredit a lot of voices. you are either a troll or a fanatic. PS: that's my opinion. it seems that saying so allows everyone to say anything
  3. silly? obvious troll is obvious. let people request what they need. more options wont hurt your choices, but lack of options are hurting ours (no need to be drawn into absurd discussions) cheers
  4. I know this is suboptimal, but I have been forced to use web interface with "stylish" firefox plugin and dark theme for it: https://userstyles.org/styles/122724/dark-evernote-midnight to me, this is the only way I can use evernote so far. I cannot afford the luxury of looking at a bright white screen 8 hours a day. If this continues, I move to another place.
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