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  1. Just wanted to check in again and see if you had anything else on this -- thanks, @JMichaelTX!!
  2. @JMichaelTX -- how's the update going? My project was temporarily put on hold, but I was thinking about it today and was curious if you'd had any more progress.
  3. Wow - Looks great, @JMichaelTX - Excited to see the updated version! That's exactly how you would want it (viz. keeping source formatting)
  4. @JMichaelTX Am looking to do just that! Hopefully I get it working (And will post an update if successful), but I'm looking at formatting the output more cleanly (e.g. keeping bullets, returns, etc. intact).
  5. @JMichaelTX perfect. If only I could double, triple like this whole chain -- so immensely helpful!
  6. If you run it against the attached note does it work? This still gives me a note with title etc. If I look at what it's finding (i.e. not the null string), it looks like </span></span><span style="font-size: 12px;"><span style="font-family: Verdana;"> Sample Note.enex
  7. Thanks JMichael -- the not producing a note when no notes found works great. I tried to get at this above but here's a bit more context. In the check to see if it's nothing is between the delimiters (""), if you type just the delimiters and run it it works great. However, try the following steps and see if it still works? 1) Type the delimiters 2) Carriage return in between the delimiters 3) Erase the carriage return you just typed between the delimiters (thus bringing it back to an empty string so your check should work) 4) Run script Does this produce the same results for you? I get it checking against a not null string (</span></span><span style="font-size: 12px;"><span style="font-family: Verdana;">) Note: I would actually want to keep the carriage return in place and have the script ensure there is text between, not just an empty string or one/set of carriage returns. I'm just observing that it's checking against other pieces such as font if there is a carriage return and/or there was at some point a carriage return.
  8. That works if I'm checking for just an empty string but in practice I'm looking at a carriage return and can't seem to get it to work. Debugging gives the item in the list as: </span></div> <div><span style="font: 12.0px Verdana; font-variant-ligatures: no-common-ligatures"> Thoughts on checking against something like that? Or If it's not an empty string / not a carriage return / is a character (a-z)?
  9. Perfect -- Works for me. dannyp was that your problem too? Assuming you were using some form of header that you'd keep in as a delimiter?
  10. I tried using your exact script as well; It still creates a note and incorrectly includes the title even though nothing exists between the delimiters (see attached). Versioning? Some difference by business notebook?
  11. Thanks, JMichaelTX. It was simply a the \\ that was throwing it off. Peculiar that it caused it to include the evernotecid piece, but nevertheless it's working. In regards to the naming conventions, I agree -- things I've inherited at work and am cleaning up as time goes on!
  12. I wrote an apple script that iterates over rows in a spreadsheet, finds the appropriate notebook and note, and auto-files the formatted information from the row at the top of the note to create an organized log. One piece of information I am trying to capture is the web link to an external source (say, the information is a short synopsis of an interesting Wall Street Journal article). The piece that is currently non-functioning is the hyperlink. It appears as a hyperlink, but includes the evernotecid in the link and so it won't go to the page when clicked. The output looks something like the attached; the link is live, but rather than it taking you straight to the right page http://www.bmj.com/content/352/bmj.i1102 it is linked with the evernotecid in front (e.g. evernotecid://[specificnoteblahblah]http://www.bmj.com/content/352/bmj.i1102) Any ideas as to why the link is including the evernotecid and how to prevent that so the link goes straight to the source? [NOTE: if I just enter the link directly, evernote automatically creates it as a hyperlink and is clickable. I'm specifically looking to solve the issue so I don't have to show the full link and instead can simply link readable text] As reference, Using 6.6 on Mac; Evernote business Thank you!
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