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  1. Hello. I use EN for my CRM and love it. I think it would be great if somehow Context could pick up and include internet headlines and news associated with a particular note or even topics within a note in addition to connecting to other notes. For example, if I have a note titled "Company X", it would be great if in context included (news) headlines from the internet on Company X. What do you think? I searched other comments, feature requests and forums for this idea but didn't see anything. Thoughts??
  2. Hi DTLow. Thanks for the response. I did a test where I made a notebook with a note in it then deleted the notebook. The note remained as part of my overall notes but the notebook was deleted. This is what I was hoping because there is a notebook I didn't need anymore and I just assume delete it but do not want to delete the notes inside. However, I still haven't deleted the non test notebook as I am not totally convinced and the notes inside are important, despite my backing them up.
  3. If I delete a notebook does that delete the notes in that notebook all together? Or are the notes still available in Notes? I did a test where I created a notebook, added a note then deleted the notebook and the note still existed - which I want. I have a notebook which is redundant because I prefer to use a tag in place of the notebook in this case so I want to delete the notebook but don't want to lose the notes. Thanks!
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