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  1. I have done some research of my own into this and it seems that Evernote does not have to flexibility I am looking for. It seems ok not alone in thinking this and a number of other users have reverted to an app called Notability for general note taking during meetings and annotating PDF drawings and documents. The articles I have read by others suggest then importing these marked up document to Evernote for storage. Its a shame that this functionality is not integrated into Evernote and that a clunky feed in from a second app is required to realise this usability. let me know if you have any other ideas!?
  2. Hi I am an architect and I would like to use Evernote for marking up PDFs of drawings and other documents. I like Skitch but would also find it useful if I could simply draw on PDFs like the writing capability in the Penultimate app. Unfortunately the only drawing / freehand writing tool that can be used converts drawn lines into vector lines that are difficult to use as handwriting or drawing as the vector lines are too easily edited or moved unlike statick drawn lines. Can Evernote please add a basic drawing tool to its PDF editing tool? Thanks!
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