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  1. I also wish to have the option to have my opening screen display the notebooks list. I have hundreds of notes, organized into about a dozen notebooks. And yet when I open Evernote, it's like a disorganized file cabinet with papers strewn everywhere rather than sorted in my carefully made, tidy folders. I was astonished to see that someone wrote that 'the notebook list is a click away.' A basic tenet of usability is 'don't make me think' and its parallel is "don't make me click.' Besides opening to a mess rather than order, there's a privacy issue, mentioned in a previous post. I may have sensitive information in a recent note that I don't want someone to see when I open the app. Please allow users to customize this! A related matter... once I get the notebook list, I prefer not to see a set of recently used notebooks at the top of the list. This all too often requires more scrolling to get to the notebook I truly want at that moment. I would like to have the option to turn that feature off for a smoother user experience.
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