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  1. Thank you Gazumped! I wasn't aware of the voting, but I'm glad you told me about it. Penultimate is a fantastic application for taking notes, but it seems to lag behind the others with respect to my initial comments; along with some other great functions in the other applications. I've been using Evernote for years and only purchased my iPad Pro 4 months ago and the difference in note taking is indescribable. For sure the search in Penultimate is fantastic and the fact that others in the room doesn't think I'm playing Boom Beach during meetings is a big plus. I would like that get
  2. Dear all, I am a very regular user of Penultimate and was wondering if there are any known updates coming to the application. I would love to see a legal pad added to the choices of the paper styles (example: Notepad+). Frank
  3. Hi everyone, I have a question about linking my Penultimate Notebook directly into specific Notebooks in Evernote. I know it's possible because I have my work notebook in Penultimate already directly linked with my work notebook in Evernote, so when I'm done taking notes at work, the systems will sync and all the notes will be in my Everenote going forward. However, I am pulling my hear out trying to figure out how to do the same with my Personal Notebook, but I cannot seem to figure it out. I would really appreciate some direction on this, so that I can get it everything in
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