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  1. Yes - a bit embarrassed I missed that, but the joy at having the solution outweighs the shame!
  2. Thanks for your replies. That's exactly what I'm doing. I just created a test email with the subject "@Receipts Test 7" (see image). I have a notebook called receipts, yet it arrived in my Inbox. It's also happening with other notebooks. It also happens when I email my Evernote email address directly, rather than forwarding. Could this be a bug?
  3. I currently have a dedicated email account for all my receipts, 'receipts@xxxxxx.com'. I've set this account up to forward to my Evernote account and I've set up a notebook called "Receipts". When I forward, I add @Receipts to the subject line. My understanding is that this should have Evernote place the note created from the email in my Receipts notebook, however it's going into my default ('Inbox') notebook instead. Am I doing something wrong?
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