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  1. Yeah - I know it's a user support forum - was hoping that somebody else had found a workaround, since I wasn't getting any support from Evernote. We're running Evernote version 6.11 on OS Sierra. My ticket # was 2069907.
  2. Every time we maximize a note window on our Mac, we're still getting a black screen on the primary evernote window. This has been going on for a week or more, and we can't get any answers from Evernote support. Can anybody help? We either need to fix this or find an alternative. We've been using evernote for about 6 years, but this makes it completely unusable for us, and I'm personally shocked at the complete lack of support/assistance from Evernote themselves, because this seems like a bug on their part.
  3. This happens to me pretty much every time I try to export to HTML, and the primary error is usually that some "item" in a webpage that I saved to evernote has a name that is too long to be saved. I'm not sure at all what to do about this or how to fix it. I can't go through and just delete all the notes causing this problem (I have many thousands of notes.) So I effectively have no way to back up right now. For example:
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