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  1. Yeah dude I have sadly all but abandoned Evernote at this point. The devs keep adding silly features and not really increasing usability of the product. 1. No dark theme, no themes in general...so we are still forced to be sandblasted with stark white. 2. No syntax highlighting and code snippet functionality - this is MASSIVE for myself and developers who are basically having to use alternative products. 3. In general, it's just not keeping up with the times and there are SO many competing products out there (for FREE) at this point. OMG I'll be happy to list 6 different apps that do the same thing. The only only thing that EN has going for it at this point is cross-platform. Shame, I used to adore the product but feature requests for real things have gone completely missed by the dev team. Weird.
  2. Exactly my point as well. I've all but abandoned Evernote at this point. Sick to death of waiting YEARS for code snippet / syntax highlighting features. We are at the point now where, regardless of platform, there are plenty of other FREE options available which offer those features... I am no longer paying for Premium out of disgust. Shame, as the only thing keeping Evernote remotely relevant in a sea of notetaking / organization apps is purely the cross-platform benefit, whereas others tend to be tied to a single OS. This is obviously all opinion, but I'm confident that I'm not alone in that opinion. Wake up EN dev team and implement some things we, your loyal users, have been screaming about for YEARS YEARS YEARS now. Otherwise, good luck w/ a dwindling fan base.
  3. Markdown and, for me - Syntax Highlighting. Proper support for developers using Evernote is kinda long overdue at this point. I still cling to another "evernote-esque" App called SnippetsLab which I adore as it's perfect for code snippets, but in the end I would prefer to stay with Evernote for the cross-platform functionality since I have multiple machines and mobile devices of various flavors. My perfect world would have Evernote with: * Dark Mode (super overdue) * Markdown, Syntax Highlighting (super overdue) The initial attempt at inserting a code block into Evernote is a good start but it still stinks.
  4. Terrible. Evernote has a great UI in my opinion, it's just purely subpar (but a LOT) in the colors department. The absence of a DARK MODE is so behind the times. Being able to darken the sidebar is almost the opposite approach. I want to darken the entire app. I'm sure it's a limitation due to the fact that notes are basically HTML and they would have to re-engineer the app from the ground up. Maybe I'm wrong. Either way, I don't care because as a user I'm still entitled to complain
  5. It's horrible, I'm not going to sugarcoat it. The stark white UI is awful. As a fellow developer, I fail to understand why this couldn't be engineered with relatively lower LOE vs. other tasks in the current/upcoming builds. Dark Mode is a thing. Apple has embraced it, apps are embracing it, and Evernote - given its position in the marketplace as the most well-known notebooking app around - is surprisingly behind-the-times w/ this.
  6. It's been years of requests. Why not, yet? Seriously. Once a week, I go looking around the web for new alternatives to Evernote purely to see what has a dark mode. Don't get me wrong, I love Evernote. I use it heavily, many times a day. I'm a developer and I am so sad that I need multiple tools since Evernote doesn't "really" let me store code snippets with syntax highlighting. I'm sad that it doesn't have a Dark Mode so that my eyes don't burn out on the ridiculous stark white that Evernote has become. What's the deal? I have NO legs to stand on using the non-Premium version. I'm not paying currently for Evernote. I'm using a wonderful tool for free. I get it. I'm just super curious why after all the years of people asking (and that's not being sarcastic), why is there no dark mode available? I'd PAY for premium if it was a requirement for dark mode, at this point. Lord knows I've certainly paid for alternative apps with similar features.
  7. So, why exactly do we not have a dark mode yet for Evernote after how many years of asking? Specifically Mac.... I search the web constantly looking for Evernote alternatives because I'm so tired of working in such a stark white UI. I've found a billion alternatives which I love but they don't have the cross platform functionality that I love with Evernote.
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