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  1. "Assuming there's truth..."? Seriously? Have you been living in a cave for the last several years? US mass surveillance is fact. Forced cooperation of US based companies is fact. Gag orders are fact. The impact on foreign businesses willingness to trust their data to US Cloud services companies is fact. As for the reason it affects US data. You've clearly missed the point. The most egregious perpetrator of warrant-less mass surveillance is the US government and it's agencies. The US also has some of the worst privacy protection laws in the civilized world. Europe by contrast, has had increasingly stronger protections for individual privacy including data privacy. Some of these laws were even triggered by the revelations of the extent of US mass surveillance. Meanwhile, the US has been aggressively destroying data privacy every way it can. Yes, it has attempted to extend that reach outside it's borders, Fortunately other jurisdictions are pushing back against this. ( see http://www.businessworld.ie/news-from-ireland/Irish-High-Court-gives-US-authorities-a-platform-to-defend-their-surveillance-laws-565047.html ) In the end this means that for now, there is NO expectation of privacy for any data housed in or passing through US based companies. None. However, for now, there is at least some level of expectation of privacy in many G-20 countries. That means that your data is more at risk for exposure when in the hands of a US based company, despite anything their privacy policies may promise.
  2. You're addressing the wrong issue. I know that for some reason there are people that think of Google as the "big brother" but in reality there are much worse offenders. Microsoft comes to mind. But that's another discussion. At this point the privacy threat doesn't come from Google at all. Anyone that thinks so doesn't understand how these cloud services even work. Evernote can certainly use Google's cloud services without Google themselves having access to the data. As for privacy, if you want a real reason to be concerned, then be concerned for the same reason many European and Asian countries are declining to use data services from US companies. Any US company or company that does business in the US, or let's it's data pass through the US is subject to mass surveillance of any and all of their data. Either with or without their knowledge. Even with their knowledge, such spying often includes a gag order so you'll never know about it. Even if you sing the song of sheep everywhere and sing "I'm not worried, I have nothing to hide" the issue is one of security. Where there are backdoors for government, there are backdoors for hackers of all types to enter as well. Considering the levels of hacking from corporate, organized crime, and nation state sources, this is a bigger issue than most realize.
  3. I want to chime in with my frustration at the discontinuation of Clearly. It was a vastly superior product to the supposedly equivalent functionality added to Clipper. I used Clearly a LOT every day since it was released and had come to depend on it as part of my workflow. When I upgraded computers I was angry to see it missing from the Chrome toolbar. If I'd known I would have stuck with the old system just to keep the Clearly extension. Aside from the fact that the Web Clipper "Simplified Article" function is more clicks to get to, it's also quite inferior in functionality. Worst of all it traps the created content in the Evernote ecosystem. With Clearly I was able to print it's output simply from the browser. Clippers output has to be sent to Evernote first. As a Premium customer since Evernote was first released, I feel justified in complaining about this very customer unfriendly decision by the company. Evernote team: Either bring back Clearly, or at least migrate it's entire algorithm and functionality into Web Clipper!
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