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  1. I export my notes as an .enex file and import them through the only way there is to import notes in Apple Notes. The import feature. What I get is all my notes as they should have been appart from their time stamps. They all get a time stamp of the time imported which is not what I want.
  2. I am using latest versions of OSX on a MacBook Pro and iMac and I am willing to migrate to Apple Notes. My problem is the note dates. When I import notes from Evernote to Apple Notes the original creation date is lost and I get the actual date of import. Any knowledge anybody?
  3. Same problem here on both of my Macs (MacBook Pro mid 2010 El Capitan and iMac mid 2011 Yosemite). I am a writer and this problem is a real pain in the ass. Please, people there in Evernote, try to fix it because the new Apple Notes app in El Capitan offers some luring specs...
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