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  1. By converting the paragraph to string you are inherently stripping all the formatting data.Instead, you should reference the data as text.Text retains formatting and style data and will do what you want. Replace every instance of 'as string' in your script with 'as text' and you should be set. Universal Access System Preference pane. set theReplacements to {¬ {"0mg ", "0 mg "}, ¬ {"5mg ", "5 mg "}, ¬ {" ", " "} ¬ } tell application "Pages" to activate tell application "System Events" to tell process "Pages" keystroke "f" using command down repeat until exists window "Find & Replace" end repeat tell window "Find & Replace" click radio button "Simple" of tab group 1 repeat with thisReplacement in theReplacements set {X, Y} to thisReplacement keystroke X keystroke tab keystroke Y keystroke tab click button "Replace All" of tab group 1 end repeat click button 1 end tell end tell The script has been tested under OS X 10.8.1. hadoop training in chennai | informatica training in chennai
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