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  1. Yes, I'm actually unable to attach anything at the moment. Recording attached fine when I did one on the Android app, but I can't get a Quicktime file or a .gif to attach to any note in the Mac app. Mac App Version 6.5 (453172 Direct) Mac OSX Yosemite 10.10.5 (14F1021) Thank you!
  2. I would like to record my thoughts on audio and create voice-to-text dictation transcription at the same time. I am struggling to find a way to implement this right now. • On Mac computer, Evernote allows the built-in Mac dictation in the text field while I'm recording, but it can't keep up with my pace of talking (just a reasonable pace, not super fast). It only transcribes about 20 seconds at a time maximum, and deletes everything I say that it doesn't manage to record. It requires me to make lots of pauses to wait for the dictation to catch up. • On Android phone, where I would REALLY love this feature, it allows me to create an audio note and then go into text and press the Voice-to-Text, but then invariably comes up with an error that says "Can't reach Google at the moment." I can see from this blog post that this feature existed on Android in 2012, but the option isn't appearing now: https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2012/03/27/evernote-for-android-update-speech-to-text-and-big-widget-enhancements/ I can see from this previous question that other people were struggling with this in 2015: Are there any solutions available these days?
  3. I think I'm having a problem viewing any attachment in general... As a stopgap measure, I tried recording an audio file in Quicktime and attaching it to the note. When I attached the file, still nothing shows up anywhere. It won't let me attach my screenshot, so here it is: http://uploadpie.com/URXEZ
  4. DTLow, do you need premium for this? When I try to replicate the problem, mine isn't even registering the voice (it did the first time around, I think, because I saw the bars moving up and down). I clicked on the audio button and got result in Image 1. I pressed record and got result in Image 2 - no recording happening at all. I pressed Save and got result in Image 3 - page remains blank. I checked that my microphone was working in Image 4 - it was. Where am I going wrong? Insert existing attachment
  5. I feel like I'm going crazy. I just recorded a 5-minute audio recording, saw the bars moving up and down the whole time, pressed save, and now I can't find it anywhere. I tried hitting the record again for a few seconds, nothing showing the second recording either. What am I missing? I'm attaching a screenshot of my note.
  6. Thank you JMichaelTX. I don't want the whole article though, I want selected bits of text. Is there a way to clip only the text I find relevant?
  7. Hi all, I want to save snippets and quotes from articles I come across. I use the Web Clipper Chrome extension but can't figure out any way to save text besides using the screenshot feature. I need to be able to search through the words at a later point; tags will not suffice, I want to be able to search for specific phrases. Is there a way for Evernote to capture the text of webpages in a searchable way (not images)? Thank you.
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