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  1. Keywords did not bring it up. I checked the Net version as well. But, as I wrote, I found the missing URL and saved the material else-where. So all is well. (Except that I still don't know how to make new notebooks.)
  2. I have been saving to Evernote for maybe a few months. Until now, I did need to look at what I had saved. About an hour or so ago, I saved something. Now, I wanted to look at it. First, there was no hint on how to find any-thing I'd stored. When I went on line, I saw that many people also have asked where the stuff is that they'd saved. Well, I stumbled around and found stuff I'd saved. How-ever, the site I'd just tagged and "saved" is not among the other stuff that I'd saved on other days. Well, some of it is. Considering that what I just saved is gone (or as good as gone, since I
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