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  1. Thanks. That's the kind of info. I was looking for. Is there any list of auto-format strings specific to the web client? For example, "!!!!!" is not listed in that help page, and it doesn't work in the Mac client.
  2. Where can I find a list of all the shortcuts for text substitution available on the web client? These are the ones I know about: [] creates a check box [x] creates a checked check box * creates a bulleted list --- [enter] creates a horizontal rule !!!!! creates a highlighted "!" Which ones am I missing?
  3. Recent versions of the Evernote Mac client no longer automatically display tiff image files that are attached to notes. Instead of displaying the image, there is the icon for an attached file with a name like "Pasted Graphic 14.tiff". The web client does not have this problem.
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