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  1. Hi, As you said, it is not as efficient as OneNote; Imaging I have many un-checked To-Do in many notes; Some notes are pages and pages; It is not easy to have overview of all un-checked To-Do... Thanks for your prompt reply; At least, I have learned something new in Evernote "todo:false"
  2. Recently, my colleague who uses OneNote shows me a very interesting feature in OneNote, which I could not find in EverNote; I am think very hard if I should switch to OneNote to enjoy this feature! In OneNote, I can add many tags to mark each To Do inside the note book; For example : - I have one note for meeting minutes; There are some To Do in the minutes and I must follow it; - In the meantime, I have another note for one Project; There are some To Do in the project notes which I must follow it as well; OneNote has a button called "Find Tags", it creates a summary view of all the To Do from different notes; I can click on each To Do and jump between different projects; This feature is so efficient to have a overview of all outstanding To Do items across all notes! In Evernote, I can create only one type of check box for To Do items; And I must go through each notes to find open To Do items; There is no central place to view all my open To Do across all the notes! Please check the attached screen capture for more details; In my company, I support Evernote, my colleague support OneNote, We always make joke to each other and try to prove one product is better than another; However, I feel I am losing this time; Can EverNote provide similar feature in future? Please do not let me down... A Evernote Supporter from China Zhengrong Huang
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