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  1. @gazumped Ah, of course, I agree! Thanks And @DTLow thanks, please see my previous reply as well!
  2. Hey @gazumped! Of course, I could have and I get where you’re coming from with the not needing fixing. But since I think it would be more logical to reverse the order and I hope it’s really easy to do so, I asked.
  3. Hey! Recently I installed the app on a new device and waited for the notes I wanted to see to be present. Sadly, the app first downloaded the headings of about 10,000 older, irrelevant notes. This meant I couldn’t work for about five minutes, which of course isn’t that big of a problem, but it would’ve been nicer if my newest, so probably most relevant, notes were available first. Also mentioned this to the team on Twitter, but they advised me to post it here, too.
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