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  1. I'm using the Evernote Clipper to import a Web page that includes a clickable map (HTML <map> element). This works fine, except that the coordinates for the clickable areas are not correct in the resulting note, being displaced to the right and down. In the vertical dimension, it appears that the topmost clickable area has the correct upper boundary, but the lower boundary is lower than it should be. The further down the note you go, the boundaries are increasingly skewed downward, eventually to the point that they don'e even overlap with the correct area. In the horizontal dimension, not only are the boundaries skewed to the right, but the overall width of the clickable area is too large, not by a fixed amount but by an amount that seems to increase with the expected width. I was just curious if anyone else had encountered this, or had any ideas how to work around it. Am I correct in thinking that this is a bug that should be reported to Evernote? Thanks, RF
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