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  1. Thanks for the input, folks.. 99% of my use is across my Win 7 work laptop, a samsung android phone and a samsung android tablet. Virtually all of my notes are text only, with a little bit of formatting (highlight or strikethru). I don't think that my issues are related to connectivity or multiple devices. Syncing speed varies of course, but it's generally fine and i rarely get errors. My biggest issue occurs when simply editing notes. It brings my phone to its knees. My tablet is a little better, but barely usable. My work laptop is pretty beefy but still laggy and i've had thr
  2. I use Evernote Basic on a couple of Android devices and I access it from a few Windows 7 PC's. Virtually everything i keep on EN is text, with only a little bit of formatting in a few notes. I have a picture or two and one or two handwritten notes. My account only uses 725KB out of 60MB. Over the past week or so, i've noticed a significant loss in performance - especially on Android but on Windows as well. It's to the point where EN is virtually un-useable on my older Android phone. Anything i do to select or edit text has like a 1 second lag. Has there been a recent update that migh
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