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  1. Currently when you copy and past content from a website or another application it keeps the text format (font, size, color and background color) In Evernote there is only one way to remove the format for the original content is to hight it and go to the format menu and make plain text. This is really not hard to do but I see your forms littered with post called "How to remove color background from text", and there needs to be a more intuitive way to fix the format from text that you past into your note. I would recommend one of or both of these 2 solutions 1) Allow to past to match format like in most word processing programs like Word wand Google Doc's. 2) Put a button on the Evernote tool bar that is to remove formatting from text or match it to the format of the text currently set in the note. This might seem small but I believe is a current pain point inside Evernote for a large amount of your clients. Thanks in advance Naegele
  2. @DTLow THANK YOU! this have always been a huge pain that I would have to these really od and long work arounds to fix. I wish that they would add a solution like: past to match style so would match the text in my not already. remove format button in the toolbar or hot key. Thanks again I literally spent hours looking at this.
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