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  1. Thank you both. Great idea to open up the conversation and have as many people chime in as possible. How many people want to pay money for an intuitive, click and drag, simple, make-your-life-easier GTD version of Evernote? They've got my vote. Would you be so kind as to move the discussion to where someone might notice? I hope this works. And if Evernote doesn't do it, another company certainly will. Maybe thats what they're waiting for. Then they can just buy them out. We'll see. Thanks again!
  2. GTD strategies for EN have been discussed and debated ad-nauseum. I would like to make a public request to the EN developers for an all-inclusive, intuitive GTD version of Evernote. By itself, EN is astounding in its ability to capture almost anything from anywhere. Where it falls short is the ability to take productivity systems (specifically GTD) further without other apps. IQTELL is advertising on the forum for that very reason. I want Evernote to bo what Omnifocus or Gqeues or can do. And, I know EN can do it better. Please help. Thank you for your attention. Anthony
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