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  1. Thank you! I was unaware of that functionality.
  2. Yes, Thank you guys. That was definitely the issue!
  3. Does it fix the issue on my Mac in which, since 7.4, my search results show 0 results. Really frustrating as I have to go on my iPad just to search and find my own notes. ----- Let me answer that: "no".
  4. Ok, so I know this is an old post, but if you've been using Evernote long enough with Apple mail, surely you've had this same question and experienced once or twice what jalemany said where it copies the email link to the Evernote note and it works across all devices... but how to duplicate that, who knows...? I know this: if you are on your Mac and 1.) click and drag your email from the Preview pane and 2.) while dragging you press and hold 'opt' key, and 3.) release the file into an Evernote note, it will apply it into your Evernote note with that same, 'message:%...' format. Try it, wa
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