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  1. Okay, I'm going to mark this "Figured out myself after 3 days" & keeping my findings here to help others with the problem. First of all, Evernote DOES keep chats online, despite what they say. One has to return to "old mode" before you can see them. Otherwise you can't, which is ridiculous. Second, you can scrape texts by downloading a program like RazorSQL, finding & opening the database, & exporting all the tables into an Excel file. One will have all your saved messages aka work chats in there.
  2. I just now got it to work, the only problem is, the dates have been converted to numbers with decimals. Know why dates would be converted to decimals, or how to change them back?
  3. I'm looking to find a way to extend the earliest work chat showing in Evernote from two months to infinity--I want access to all my work chats. I brute forced the sql lite file into text & can see it contains work chats from long before, but I have no idea how to get those texts unjumbled. For some stupid reason Evernote only lets me see work chats from two months ago, but I need all the info from chats farther back. Can anyone help with a suggestion?
  4. Is this seriously so difficult to answer? Has this never come up before?
  5. Work chat is not highly underutilized where I work & now the chats seem to be missing after a certain date, chats we need to access. Where can we access old chats?
  6. Can someone please help? I cannot seem to load work chats from before a few months back. Are these chats available somewhere on my computer or online? I need to access them.
  7. I can go back a couple months, but have some very important information I can't seem to access online or offline from this July. How do I access those chats?
  8. Is there a way to download work chat?
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