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  1. Hi Thanks for responding. Yes, so something is broken on my client, so I'll need to upgrade. Thanks also for the heads up on the local notebooks. I found an article which talks about converting local notebooks ( https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005107-Convert-local-notebooks ) at startup *after* the new version is installed. "Because local notebooks are no longer supported, we have built a tool in the new Evernote apps (Version 10.0 and above) to help you identify and export any local notebooks that exist on your computer. If you have local notebooks, you will automatically see the tool the first time you launch the new Evernote for Mac or the new Evernote for Windows, or you can find the tool any time by going to Tools > Check for Local Notebooks from the menu bar." I guess I don't have a choice about converting the notebooks. I sure hope they have good security... They say they do, but I've heard that before. Thanks again for your help. Regards frank
  2. Hi, I've been using the same font for several years. I used Migration Assistant to move my files. I don't sync files containing sensitive information to their servers, as I'm not convinced they'd be safe there. ( I haven't checked into this topic recently. A while back I did and was not impressed. ) Thanks and regards frank
  3. Hi, When I click Evernote -> About Evernote, the popup window tells me that I'm using Version 7.14. That's all I know. Thanks and regards frank
  4. I need some help please. A bit of background. I just switched from a 2013 27" iMac to a 202027" iMac. I migrated my files from the old system to the new using Migration Assistant, then upgraded the new system from Catalina to Big Sur. All went well. I'm having multiple issues with Evernote, however, including a crash. The font issue is just the latest. I did a cut and paste of some text into a note. The font was Helvetica 12.0. I like Cochin 14.0 so I tried to switch: Format pull down menu -> Show Fonts -> then select Cochin 14.0 from my preferred list. Not only am I not able to change to that font, but I'm unable to switch to any font listed. I'm simply not able to select anything else. This was never a problem before. Interestingly, I can change the font and font size using the formatting options displayed above my note. However, those fonts are not the same as I like to use. I have thousands of notes in Evernote and depend on it heavily. So it's a bit disheartening that I'm running into so many problems lately. Any help with the above issue would be appreciated. Thanks.
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