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  1. It happened on Windows, the Touch version though. Well, I guess I'll have to spend 5€... It is worth it if I can recover it.
  2. Already tried that first step. The note is there, but also empty. Well, I don't want to spend 5€ without being sure that I can retrieve my note...
  3. Hey there, I started using Evernote this very week and I have to say that I find it pretty easy and practical to work with. Everything was perfect until a couple of minutes ago. I was editing one of my notes and it had a lot of content already. When I finished I saved it and after clicking on the left corner arrow to go back to all notes, I noticed that in the note preview/thumbnail there was nothing on it. So I opened the note and boom. Completely empty. The only thing that remained was the title and the headline of the note. I'm very pissed cause I put a lot of time on that note. This is unacceptable. If I don't get my note back I'm obviously not going to risk using this software anymore. Question: Is there any way I can get my note back? Thanks in advance.
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