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  1. No incorrect password error. I'm able to click "sign in" instead of sign up and login using my email and password I used to create my original account. I see that my login email on the website matches the one on my app (where I can see all my notes) but for some reason my notes only appear on my app, not on the website.
  2. I've been using evernote for years without issue. Mostly on the app, but I often used it on public computers via the website as well. For some reason I am no longer able to access my notes on the website. I login with my correct email used on my evernote app and it still doesn't work. I am also able to view and sync my notes with my iPad which also has the app downloaded but I can't access anywhere else. I've also tried to install the app on my new phone and enter my information but none of my notes sync. Thoughts? I've looked around the forums and found similar issues but not this one in particular
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