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  1. Why can't I read my professional organization's magazine as it was loaded into Evernote using Kindle Fire 7 5th Generation? I have downloaded a professional organization's magazine to my desktop Evernote program. When it opens in Evernote, it looks like the magazine, I can turn the pages, etc. and it can be read with no problem. When I open Evernote on my Kindle Fire 7 5th generation, the newsletter/magazine does not look like what I see in the desktop version. Instead there is a box with the name: APGQSep2015Online...Attachment. I tap on the box and I get the message "Permission denied Kindle Reader was not able to open this document." I have actually added the magazine to the Kindle reader as a pdf document and I can open it and read it just fine that way. Any idea why I can't read the professional magazine on the Kindle? Is it Evernote? the Kindle? the subscription magazine? Thanks
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